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Since 1973 we selected our sheep in such a way that our wool and meat ratio has changed.
At this stage we breed Merinos that produce 30% wool and 70% meat.
That makes your nett profit much higher.



Breed Objectives: 

1.   Super Fertility

2.   Milk Production and Mothering Ability

        (Lamb must weigh 50% of mother's body weight at three months)

3.  Top of the Range Meat Carcass -  (Excellent muscle-ing)

4.  Supreme Quality Wool Fleece -  (10% to 12% of the animal's body weight)


The strike rate of all of these breed objectives are
very high due to the high pre-potency in the stud
which is the crux for sustainable productive
breeding value.



MEGA MERINOS selected to give

OPTIMUM PRODUCTIVITY on all food levels


Mega Merino Genetics available in

South Africa, Australia, New Zeeland and the world.


Mega Merino are all rounder's:   veld them, feed them,

whatever nutritional levels. Make Megabucks.


We have a five-star status for Mega

   Run pure Merinos, no cross-breeding, free of foreign fibres

   Fibre-care-inspection in shearing shed

    A A A Wool classer

  Organic free-range pollution-free farms and shearing sheds

    A A A shearers doing the job minimum double cuts.


Pro-potency:  The Essence !


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