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The MEGA MERINO legacy started way back in 1887, when a born stud master Andries du Toit Pienaar was fascinated by a sheep called the “Merino”, which had the ability to produce one kilometre of fibre per hour.


The breed originated in Spain, way back in 1600. It belonged only to kings and is now the largest sheep breed on earth!

The exceptional stud master registered the MEGA MERINOS stud in 1907 and started selecting genetically superior animals from there on.

He realized it was the greatest animal God created - and man developed!
He chose the world-renowned farm, Klipplaatsfontein in the upper Karoo area of South Africa to breed the animals.

The Colesberg area is one of the healthiest climates on earth, hot summers and cold winters, with an average rainfall of 360 mm. Ideal for sheep organic free-range country, no toxic substances, all natural.

"At the end of the day only results count"

"I don't work, I live my dream"

"I am committed to excellence"

"I am a full blood Merino man"


Fortunately all three sons, Willie, Jim, and Jan Pienaar, were passionate about the Merino, and continued the good work with great success, developing the breed to maximize its potential. Continued presently by Andries du Toit Pienaar and his son, Jacques Pienaar.

Records show that from as early as the 1930’s up to the new millennium and beyond, these sheepmen had the special touch, outstripping their opponents in all sheep competitions countrywide.


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